Amazfit Verge

Making Fun time a Little Longer

AMOLED Screen | Make & Answer Calls | 11 Sports Modes | Up to 5 Days Battery Life | GPS + GLONASS

AMOLED Screen | Make & Answer Calls | 11 Sports Modes
Up to 5 Days Battery Life | GPS + GLONASS

Gorgeous AMOLED Screen

1.3'' AMOLED Screen

Amazfit Verge comes with a 1.3'' AMOLED screen that can show clear images and lifelike clock pointers. The changing dial plate will also bring you more fun.

  • 1.3'' Screen
  • AMOLED Screen

Make a Call?
Amazfit Verge Has What a Mobile Phone Has!

You can use the watch to make or answer a call*

It’s no need for you to worry about missing a call. Amazfit Verge can handle this. When there is a call incoming, the watch will vibrate and ring, and then you can answer the call via the watch without pulling out your mobile phone.

* To use the watch to answer or make a call, you need to connect the watch via Bluetooth with your mobile phone. This function only supports Android phones.

  • Make and Answer a Call

Lift Your Wrist to Check Whatsapp Messages

Read Mobile Messages on Your Watch

What will you do if your Whatsapp keeps popping up messages at a meeting? You want to check up, but feel inappropriate to do that. In this case, you just need to lift your wrist to read the messages on the 1.3'' screen without bothering to pull out the mobile phone. By doing so, your good manners can be properly demonstrated too.

  • Reading Messages

It is a Smart Watch,
also a Smart Monitoring for Sports and Health.

11 Sports Modes & GPS+GLONASS Dual-Satellite Positioning

Amazfit Verge features multiple functions in life, especially in its smart monitoring for sports and health. It has built in 11 sports modes and the GPS+GLONASS dual-satellite positioning system, which can precisely track your sports activities and tell you the calories that have been burned.

  • Run
  • Run Indoor
  • Trail Run
  • Walk
  • Elliptical Trainer
  • Climb
  • Tennis
  • Skiing
  • Soccer
  • Outdoor Cycling
  • Indoor Cycling

Amazfit Verge uses a new generation of high-precision optical sensor and new algorithms for more accurate monitoring and low power consumption. The full-day heart rate recording allows you to see your heart rate changes throughout the day, to discover an abnormality, and to have a smart monitoring for your health.

  • Optical Sensor

5-Day Battery Life for More Fun

It is not easy to increase the battery life of a smart watch equipped with multiple functions and AMOLED screen. However, the battery life has always been a striking highlight of Amazfit. The Amazfit Verge continues its fine feature of a long battery life. After a 10-month of painstaking efforts in optimizing its power efficiency, our research and development team managed to increase its battery life up to 5 days. Hence, you don't have to remind yourself of charging your watch before going to bed, and the fun brought by smart technologies can last longer.

Test conditions: Use default settings, Bluetooth connection to a mobile phone; Receive 150 incoming messages, 30 times wrist display and 5 minutes for other operations; Run every other day for 30 minutes each time. In actual uses, the battery life will be influenced by various factors including settings, operations and environment, and thus may differ from the laboratory data.

  • Up to 5 Days Battery Life

Fine Style to Wear and Fine Colors to Show

With the innovative Cleaning wristband manufacturing craft, the watch has 3 colors to choose.

With a 1.3'' optimal-size screen, this watch can better fit on everyone’s wrist. With the innovative Cleaning wristband manufacturing craft, it becomes more comfortable to wear. * Our designers have done their best to its size to make it “a smart watch for all” as much as possible. At the same time, its 3 optional colors can satisfy your various and customized needs on different occasions, allowing people to identify your tastes without being too flashy.

* Allergic reactions are various from person to person. Please consult a doctor before wearing it if your skin is hypersensitive.

A Colorful Life from an Internal and External Refinement

Various Customized Dial Plates of Delicate Design

Our elite design team has exquisitely designed each type of dial plates built in the Amazfit Verge. The traditional and classic dial plate demonstrates your confidence and maturity, while the sports style shows your vitality and vigor. Multiple options are available for you to handle with various occasions and emotions.

Amazfit OS System
the Super Function Full of Fun

We are yearning to hear from our customers who are our friends. So the weekly updates are made as a gift to our dear friends. Amazfit OS then is the result of the innovative efforts jointly made by our customers and us. It makes our products more interesting and innovative, and helps us to develop into a more creative team. We believe that working with our customers and doing interesting things together with them should always be the biggest joy for us.


  • Diameter of dial plate


  • Thickness of watch

    12.6mm(from the case back to the screen)

  • Weigh

    About 46g

  • Screen

    1.30" AMOLED
    Resolution 360x360
    Corning Gorilla 3 tempered
    glass + anti-fingerprint coating

  • Type of watch band

    Silicone + PC

  • Watch band craft

    Cleaning treatment

  • Length of watch band

    70mm + 113mm

  • CPU

    1.2GHz dual-core processor

  • RAM

    512M RAM

  • Flash Memory

    4GB built-in Flash Memory
    (about 1.9GB available for users)

  • Sensor

    Optical sensor
    Acceleration sensor
    Geomagnetic sensor
    Air pressure sensor
    Ambient light sensor

  • Audio

    Microphone and speaker

  • GNSS satellite positioning


  • Connection

    Bluetooth 4.2 BLE+BR/EDR
    Wi-Fi 2.4GHz 802.11b/g

  • Battery

    390mAh lithium polymer battery

  • Battery charge time

    2.5 hours

  • Battery life

    More than 5 days in a typical usage scenario*

  • Surface material

    Glass fiber reinforced polycarbonate

  • Waterproofing grade


  • Operating system

    AMAZFIT OS operating system (based on Android system)

  • Supported equipment

    Support mobile phones based on Android 4.4 or iOS 9.0 or above

  • Accessories

    A charging cradle and a user manual.

* Typical usage scenario: Use default settings, Bluetooth connection to a mobile phone; Receive 150 incoming messages, 30 times wrist display and 5 minutes for other operations; Run every other day for 30 minutes each time.
* Unless otherwise specified, this information all derives from our company's laboratory data, technical design parameters and data from suppliers. As the data provided by this website may differ from actual products due to different versions of test software, actual environments for the test or device versions, the actual performance is then subject to the actual usage scenario. All the structural pictures provided by this website are only to facilitate the description of functions rather than show the actual structures. The actual structures are subject to the actual products. Our company may revise or adjust the text descriptions, picture effects and so on to ensure accurate updates, and to seek that the product information, specifications, parameters, descriptions of performance and parts are consistent with the actual products. In the cases that the above modifications and adjustments are necessary, no specific notice will be given.