Amazfit Bip

The Perfect Daily Companion

Battery life of 45 days | GPS+GLONASS dual mode positioning | Heart Rate | Light Weight

You’ll forget what charging feels like.

Daily charging? Once a week? No, Youth version of the watch can be used for up to 451 days on a single charge.
If only monitor the number of steps and sleep, the battery life is up to 4 months2.

Come, run a love-shaped track for him or her

Sony 28nm low-power GPS chip is built in the watch.
The GPS+GLONASS dual mode positioning is used to search for satellite signals, which is fast and accurate. With the GPS sports watch, even if the phone is not around, you can do many things during exercise, for example, run a love-shaped track, see whether your pace of cycling can catch up with the F1 racing and go all out to run 10 km to have a happy running.


The watch currently supports 4 sports modes:
Outdoor running, indoor running, cycling and walking, which meet your various sports needs. Under different sports modes, detailed exercise data such as exercise duration, pace, maximum speed, movement distance, real-time heart rate, and upslope/downhill height can be viewed separately.

In the watch,speed reminder and excessive heart rate reminder can be set, so you can exercise safely and efficiently. In the history record, you can also directly view the historical exercise records and track maps, which are very interesting.

Proper Outdoor Play

Because of the always-on screen, the content on the watch can be seen just by raising your hand; Due to the reflective screen, the stronger the outdoor light is, the clearer the screen is.
Open the GPS all the way and the battery life is up to 22 hours3. No need to carry the power bank during the cross-country race. Waterproof and dustproof IP684 basically makes it possible to go anywhere.

Whether the exercise is aerobic or anaerobic can be known by one glance.

Compact watch, monitoring heart rate changes throughout the entire day, whether the exercise level reaches the standard, if the exercise effects are good or not, aerobic exercise or anaerobic exercise.
It is easy and convenient to check by one glance.

Check Messages Directly without Taking out Phones

Not only can you directly check App messages and SMS, but also there are many others things you can do: connect your phone to unlock your phone's lock screen; when you haven't heard the phone, you'll be reminded by vibrations on your wrist; the considerate watch vibration alarm clock only wakes up yourself; the watch will call you up to move if you sit for too long.

  • App notifications
  • Call notifications
  • Alarms
  • Sedentary reminder

New Mi Fit 3.0,Millions of Users Run Together

Watches and new Mi Fit 3.0 are used together to bring a new sports experience and more precise sports data. Many personalized functions make you enjoy workout more.
Don't be lazy and work out with millions of people!5

How can you be bound?

The watch only weighs 32 grams with the watch band, which is as light as sports bracelet! Putting on the watch, you won’t feel it. You can have an unrestrained three-step layup. You can have better feelings while sleeping or playing intense computer games.

4 Colors to Choose

Onyx Black is fit for the cool you. Kokoda Green is also good. Cinnabar Red is full of enthusiasm. White Cloud is suitable for your girlfriend.
4 colors are available for the watch shell, and the skin-friendly and perspiring watch band6 is quick-released and can be quickly changed as you like.
A pile of personalized watch bands will be launched in the future. Stay tuned.


  • Weight

    18-gram body, 32 grams with watch band

  • Screen type

    Reflective color display screen

  • Screen material

    2.5D Corning gorilla 3rd glass + AF coating

  • Screen size

    1.28 inch

  • Waterproof and dustproof


  • Watch band length


  • Watch band width


  • Sensor

    PPG heart rate sensor
    Triaxial acceleration sensor
    Geomagnetic sensor
    Air pressure sensor7

  • Battery

    190mAh Li-Polymer Battery

  • Charge time

    2.5 hours

  • GPS

    GPS+GLONASS dual mode positioning

  • Connection

    Bluetooth 4.0 BLE

  • Battery life8

    Battery life: 45 days (factory default dial, running once a week for half an hour;
    100 notifications per day; screen brightness 10%)
    Standby: 4 months (factory default dial, time display, exercise monitoring, sleep monitoring)
    GPS continuous track record: 22 hours

  • Watch body material


  • Accessories

    Special charger doc

  • Compatibility

    Android 4.4 and iOS8 and above.

  • App

    Mi Fit

  • Language

    Simplified Chinese / Traditional Chinese / English / Spanish

1, 2, 3, 8. The data comes from the Huami Science and Technology sports laboratory. The actual use of the watch may vary slightly due to different environment and personal usage habits.
4. IP68 qualities of waterproof and dustproof have passed tests of the third-party professional organization . Report No.: SHES170500407001. The watch can withstand submersion into fresh water of 1.5 meters for up to 30 minutes, but should not be worn during swimming or bathing.
5. The data is from the Midong Big Data Analysis Team of Huami Science and Technology
6. The wristband material of this product has passed the biocompatibility test, but it does not rule out that individual users may have skin discomfort or allergies after wearing the device due to their special constitution. Remove the device once you notice redness or irritation on the wrist skin. If the symptoms have not been alleviated after 2-3 days after removing the device, please contact a dermatologist. In the daily use, please regularly clean the wristband with water and be careful not to wear it too tightly to keep the wristband position dry.
7. Air pressure sensor reflects changes in altitude

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